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Accessing the Toolkit

When you start an evaluation of the Toolkit we send you an email containing your evaluator id. You can use that ID to:

1. Download your evaluation bundle

Visit and in the Evaluators section, enter your evaluator ID and your registered email address.

You'll see two buttons in the next page:

  • Request build This is for when we've made a new release after you started evaluating the Toolkit. You will not initially need to use this.

  • Download x.x.x package Use this button to download your evaluation package.

2. Logon to our private NPM repository

If you'd like to use our NPM repository to access the Toolkit, you'll need your evaluator ID and your password (which will have been mailed to you). Instructions for connecting to our NPM repository can be found on our installation page. Note that it is not necessary to do this if you'd just like to look around the starter apps and feature demonstrations, as these are all included in the evaluation download.

Evaluation download

The contents of the evaluation download are:

| - apps
| - feature-demos
| - img
| - jsplumbtoolkit-browser-ui-angular.tgz
| - jsplumbtoolkit-browser-ui-react.tgz
| - jsplumbtoolkit-browser-ui-svelte.tgz
| - jsplumbtoolkit-browser-ui-vue2.tgz
| - jsplumbtoolkit-browser-ui-vue3.tgz
| - jsplumbtoolkit-browser-ui.tgz
| - package.json
| -
| - scripts

apps and feature-demos contain the apps and feature demonstrations as found on Github here: We include our core package and a package for each of our library integrations, as well as some support images for a couple of the demos, and a scripts directory that provides support for various install, clean and build tasks.


package.json contains targets for installing dependencies for each library integration separately, or all at once:

npm run install

npm run install:vanilla

npm run install:angular

npm run install:react

npm run install:vue2

npm run install:vue3

npm run install:svelte

Building apps/demos

package.json contains targets for building some given version of the apps (of all the apps and feature demos):

npm run build:vanilla
npm run build:angular
npm run build:react
npm run build:vue2
npm run build:vue3
npm run build:svelte

but you can also build one individually, for instance to build the vanilla JS Flowchart Builder starter application:

cd apps/flowchart-builder/vanilla
npm run build

Serving apps

Each app can be run via npm, the command varying depending on the library integration:


npm run start


npm run start

Vue 2 / Vue 3

npm run preview


npm run serve


npm run serve

Getting help

For the duration of your evaluation you are subscribed to our priority email support - we're aware that with a limited amount of time, any delay in progress can be a pain. Just send an email to and we'll get right back to you.