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PanZoomOptions interface

Options for the PanZoom widget. This widget is used internally by the Toolkit and is not something users of the library will need to interact with.


export interface PanZoomOptions 


background?Background(Optional) Optional background. Can also be set via setBackground(..)
canvasElementElementThe element to apply pan/zoom to.
clamp?boolean(Optional) Whether to clamp when panning such that there is always content visible. Defaults to true.
clampToBackground?boolean(Optional) Whether or not to clamp to the background image. This flag means the widget will always ensure at least some of the background is visible. See clampToBackgroundExtents for a variant of this. Defaults to false.
clampToBackgroundExtents?boolean(Optional) Clamps movement so that when zoomed out, the background image always fills the viewport. Defaults to false.
clampZoom?boolean(Optional) Whether to clamp when zooming such that there is always content visible. Defaults to true.
consumeRightClick?boolean(Optional) Useful for development: set this to false if you don't want the widget to consume context menu clicks.
enableAnimation?boolean(Optional) Enable animations for panning. Defaults to true.
enabled?boolean(Optional) Whether or not the widget is enabled, ie. responding to mouse input. Defaults to true.
enablePan?boolean(Optional) Whether or not pan is enabled. Defaults to true.
events?{ zoom?: Function; pan?: Function; mouseup?: Function; mousedown?: Function; maybeZoom?: Function; mousemove?: Function; transformOrigin?: Function; }(Optional) Optional map of event handlers
filter?Function(Optional) Optional filter that will be called on down event, with the event target and the event. Returning true from this function means the widget should respond to the event.
idFunction(e: Element) => stringFunction the widget can use to derive an ID for the given element.
panDistance?number(Optional) How far, in pixels, to pan on pan nudge. Defaults to 50 pixels.
smartMinimumZoom?boolean(Optional) NOT IMPLEMENTED. This is a placeholder for possible future functionality, which will mean that the lower zoom bound refers to a multiple of the content bounds, not the viewport.
viewportViewport<{ E: Element; }>
viewportElementElementThe element that will act as the viewport for the canvas.
wheelWheelOptionsOptions for the wheel.
zoom?number(Optional) Initial zoom for the widget. Defaults to 1.
zoomRange?ZoomRange(Optional) Zoom range for the widget. Defaults to [0.05, 3].