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jsPlumbSurfaceComponent class#

Provides a component that manages a surface.


export declare class jsPlumbSurfaceComponent<VO extends AngularViewOptions = AngularViewOptions, RO extends AngularRenderOptions = AngularRenderOptions> 


(constructor)(el, $jsplumb, componentFactoryResolver, viewContainerRef)Constructs a new instance of the jsPlumbSurfaceComponent class


groupUpdateFn(a: any, e?: any) => any
nodeUpdateFn(a: any, e?: any) => any
portAddedFn(a: any, e?: any) => any
renderParamsROOptions for the underlying surface widget.
surfaceIdstringID to use for the created surface. Required.
toolkitIdstringID of the Toolkit to which to attach the surface. Required.
toolkitParams?JsPlumbToolkitOptions(Optional) Optional parameters for the underlying Toolkit. These will be used only if the Toolkit instance with the given ID has not yet been created somewhere else in the app.
vertexEventEventEmitter<{ vertex: Vertex; event: string; payload: any; component: ComponentRef<any>; }>output event emitter, for proxying events from vertex components.
viewVOOptions for the view - mappings of components and behaviour to model object types.