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NPM Repository Access#

From version 5.x onwards the jsPlumb Toolkit packages are hosted in jsPlumb's NPM repository. Access to this repository is available to all current evaluators, and to all licensees who currently have access to download new releases.

Repository details#

Note the trailing slash on the repository locations: this must be included.





To login to the jsPlumb NPM repository you use your licensee ID:

npm adduser --registry=

Your password will have been supplied in an email from jsPlumb.


npm adduser --registry=



You'll need to map the @jsplumbtoolkit scope and the @jsplumb scope, to jsPlumb's NPM repository. For that, ensure your .npmrc has these entries:


The values shown are for the licensee repository. Mapping the @jsplumb scope is optional, as the Community edition packages are also published to the public npm regietry.


For evaluators, use these values:


Note that evaluators should map @jsplumb to the jsplumb-eval repository, to ensure that the version of any Community edition packages matches the version of your Toolkit edition packages. Previously this page advised evaluators to map @jsplumb to the public NPM repository, but we advise against that now.

You can hover over these boxes to get the option to copy the code to the clipboard.


Running the npm adduser command to login to the NPM repository will result in an authToken being written to your local .npmrc. For evaluators, an unlimited number of users can login (using the same login details) and retrieve a token. For licensees, the number of active tokens is determined relative to the number of developer seats purchased: for holders of a 1-5 developer license, 6 concurrent tokens are supported. For holders of a 1-10 developer license, 12 concurrent tokens are supported. The extra token(s) are intended to help if you have a machine that runs automated builds or some such setup. For holders of an unlimited seats developer license, unlimited NPM tokens are supported.

Access Limits#

For evaluators, access to the NPM repository will expire as soon as the evaluation period has expired.

For licensees, access to the NPM repository is available for the duration of the time that a given licensee has access to download new releases. Once this period expires, access to the NPM repository will also expire.

Licensees have access to download new releases for a period of 12 months from the original purchase date of their license or of a license renewal. We contact all licensees ahead of time when their download expiry is about to expire.

Repository Availability#

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the repository is available at all times, jsPlumb enters into no Service Level Agreement with either licensees or evaluators as to the availability of the NPM repository. It is recommended that all licensees download the jsPlumb Toolkit packages from our Downloads Page.