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ShowOptions interface

Defines the allowed options to the show method.


export interface ShowOptions 


autoCommit?boolean(Optional) If true (which is the default), an enter keypress on an input field, or a ctrl+enter keypress on a textarea, will close the dialog as if the user had pressed OK.
container?string | Element(Optional) parent element for dialog elements. Defaults to document body.
data?Record<string, any>(Optional) Data to bind to the dialog.
msg?string(Optional) Optional message to show in the dialog.
onCancel?CancelFunction(Optional) Handler for when the user presses Cancel.
onClose?CloseFunction(Optional) Callback invoked after the dialog has been closed.
onMaybeClose?MaybeCloseFunction(Optional) Interceptor that can be used to prevent dialog from being closed (by returning false).
onOK?CommitFunction(Optional) Handler for when the user presses OK
onOpen?OpenFunction(Optional) Callback invoked after the dialog has been displayed.
position?string(Optional) "top" or "bottom" - where to show the dialog in the viewport. Defaults to "top".
reposition?boolean(Optional) If true, reposition the dialogs when a scroll or resize event has occurred.
title?string(Optional) Optional title for the dialog.