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JsPlumbToolkit.removeFromGroup() method#

Removes a Node/Group from a Group.


removeFromGroup(node: Node | Group | string | ObjectData, doNotFireEvent?: boolean, targetGroup?: Group, source?: ToolkitRenderer<any>): Group;


nodeNode | Group | string | ObjectDataNode/Group to remove, or its id, or the data representing it.
doNotFireEventbooleanFor internal use. If true, a group:removeMember event will not be fired as a result of this operation. Otherwise it will.
targetGroupGroupFor internal use. Group to which the Node is being moved, if that applies.
sourceToolkitRenderer<any>For internal use. The renderer in which user activity caused this method to be called. We echo that out in the event parameters, allowing renderers to not respond to events they raised.



The Group from which the Node was removed.