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LassoPluginOptions interface


export interface LassoPluginOptions extends SurfacePluginOptions 

Extends: SurfacePluginOptions


filter?string(Optional) Optional CSS3 filter identifying elements you do not want to lasso.
includeEdges?boolean(Optional) Defaults to false. If true, edges are included in the lasso selection.
invert?boolean(Optional) Defaults to false, meaning the lasso is drawn as a rectangle. If true, the lasso is drawn as a set of masks, with the lasso area drawn as a "hole" in the masks.
onEnd?Function(Optional) Optional function to call when lasso selection ends.
onSelect?Function(Optional) Optional function to call when one or more objects has been selected by the lasso.
onStart?Function(Optional) Optional function to call when lasso selection starts.
selectionFilter?(o: Edge | Vertex) => boolean(Optional) Optional filter that is passed every vertex/edge that the lasso would ordinarily select, and if this function returns false then the vertex/edge is not added to the selection