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ImageBackgroundOptions interface

Options for an image background


export interface ImageBackgroundOptions extends BackgroundOptions 

Extends: BackgroundOptions


img?HTMLImageElement(Optional) For simple backgrounds, the image to use. Optional; you can also supply a url.

(Optional) URL for the background. When type is set to BackgroundTypes.simple you can supply either this, or an Image. When type is set to BackgroundTypes.tiled, you can supply this, or you can supply a urlGenerator function instead. If you supply url and no urlGenerator, the url you supply is treated as a template for the url for any given tile, and is expected to contain {z}, {x} and {y} placeholders. The form of the URL can be anything you like as long as it has the placeholders for z, x and y. For instance:{z}/{x}/{y}{z}&x={x}&y={y}