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VanillaInspectorOptions interface

Options for the VanillaInspector, an instance of Inspector that uses the Toolkit's default templating mechanism to render elements.


export interface VanillaInspectorOptions extends InspectorOptions 

Extends: InspectorOptions


cacheTemplates?boolean(Optional) By default the inspector will cache found templates, keyed by the type of the object and its category (there is a separate cache for nodes, groups, edges and ports, and in each cache the key is the object's type). In some situations you may not want to cache the template, for instance if your template has dynamic data that depends on the object that is being inspected. If that's the case you can set this to false.
emptyTemplate?string(Optional) Template to use in the inspector when there is nothing selected. By default an empty div element is used.
templateResolver(obj: Base) => stringResolves templates for a given object.