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ShapeLibraryPaletteOptions interface

Options for a shape library palette.


export interface ShapeLibraryPaletteOptions<T extends ObjectData> 


canvasStrokeWidth?number(Optional) Stroke width to use for shapes dropped on canvas. Defaults to 2.
containerHTMLElementThe element to draw the palette into.
dataGenerator?DataGeneratorFunction<T>(Optional) Optional data generator to allow you to specify initial data for some element to be dragged. Note that you cannot override the object's type with this function. The palette will set the new object's type to match the type of the element that the user is dragging from the palette.
dragSize?Size(Optional) Optional size to use for dragged elements.
fill?string(Optional) Optional fill color to use for dragged elements. This should be in RGB format, _not_ a color like 'white' or 'cyan' etc.
iconSize?Size(Optional) Optional size to use for icons. Defaults to 150x100 pixels. If you provide this but not dragSize this size will also be used for an icon that is being dragged.
initialSet?string(Optional) Optional ID of the first set to show, hiding the others.
outline?string(Optional) Optional color to use for outline of dragged elements. Should be in RGB format.
paletteStrokeWidth?number(Optional) Stroke width to use for shapes in palette. Defaults to 1.
selectAfterDrop?boolean(Optional) When true (which is the default), a newly dropped vertex will be set as the underlying Toolkit's selection.
shapeLibraryShapeLibrary<T>The shape library to render.
showAllMessage?string(Optional) Message to use for the 'show all' option in the shape set drop down when there is more than one set of shapes. Defaults to Show all.
surfaceSurfaceSurface to attach the drag/drop to.