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ForceDirectedLayoutParameters interface

Parameters for the force directed layout


export interface ForceDirectedLayoutParameters extends AbsoluteBackedLayoutParameters 

Extends: AbsoluteBackedLayoutParameters


iterations?number(Optional) Maximum number of iterations to run. Defaults to 50. Increasing this number may result in a nicer output, at the expense of run time.
r?number(Optional) The amount of travel to impose on each element every time a repulsion or attraction event occurs during the calculation of the layout. This is expressed as a fraction of the distance the two elements would travel in order to be spacing pixels apart. Defaults to 0.25. A value of 1 here may seem desirable but in general will not provide the best results: moving one pair of elements by their ideal amount can negatively affect many others. It is better to provide a fractional value here and allow the layout to compromise.
spacing?number(Optional) Ideal spacing to leave between elements. Defaults to 250px, but this does not mean that elements end up separated by exactly 250px.