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BrowserJsPlumbDefaults interface

Defaults for the BrowserUI implementation of jsPlumb.


export interface BrowserJsPlumbDefaults extends JsPlumbDefaults<Element> 

Extends: JsPlumbDefaults<Element>


dragOptions?DragOptions(Optional) Options for dragging - containment, grid, callbacks etc.
elementsDraggable?boolean(Optional) Whether or not elements should be draggable. Default value is true.
hoverEvents?boolean(Optional) Defaults to false, which is a breaking change in 6.6.0. When true, jsPlumb tracks mouseover/mouseout/mouseenter/mouseexit events for overlays, endpoints, elements and connections. Most of the reasoning for having this ability was related to the initial canvas renderer, and with SVG/CSS this functionality is, for the most part, not needed. But you can switch it on if you need to. 6.6.0
managedElementsSelector?string(Optional) Specifies the CSS selector used to identify managed elements. This option is not something that most users of jsPlumb will need to set.
resizeObserver?boolean(Optional) Defaults to true, indicating that a ResizeObserver will be used, where available, to allow jsPlumb to revalidate elements whose size in the DOM have been changed, without the library user having to call revalidate()