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browser-ui-angular package


BaseAngularOverlayComponentA base implementation of AngularOverlayComponent that you can use if its convenient for you. This class offers an updateEdge and a removeEdge method, as helpers.
BaseNodeComponentThe base class for components that will be rendered as Nodes (or Groups). Your node/group components should extend this class.
BasePortComponentThe base class for components used to render ports. You must extend this component if you use a component for rendering ports. Your extension of this component needs to declare a constructor that takes an ElementRef. When you call the port component you need to pass the port's backing data as obj and its parent node/group component as parent.
BrowserUIAngularAngular specific renderer.
ControlsComponentThis component was written for the jsPlumb Toolkit demonstration applications. We've included it in the Toolkit's angular integration as it may provide a useful base on which to build your own. Out of the box this is "production ready", but it does assume that either you're including the jsplumbtoolkit-controls.css stylesheet in your cascade, or you've pulled out the relevant styles from that stylesheet. Also note that the default prompt for users when they press the 'clear' button is in English, as are the button tooltips.
EdgeTypePickerComponentA helper component that wraps an EdgeTypePicker.
jsPlumbMiniviewComponentA component that provides a miniview.
jsPlumbServiceThe jsPlumbService provides the core of the Angular integration, offering methods to create and retrieve instances of the Toolkit.
jsPlumbSurfaceComponentProvides a component that manages a surface.
jsPlumbToolkitModuleAngular module. You should import this module to your app.
ShapeLibraryComponentProvides a means to render an SVG shape into a component.


AngularImageExportOptionsOptions for image export from some Surface.
AngularImageExportUIOptionsOptions for showing the image export UI.
AngularOverlayComponentDefines an angular component that will act as an overlay. This interface exists largely for convenience; the code will write the members of this interface onto any component it creates
AngularRenderOptionsRender options for a Surface when used with Angular integration. Some values from the original SurfaceRenderOptions are not relevant.
AngularSvgExportOptionsOptions for SVG export.
AngularSvgExportUIOptionsOptions for showing the SVG export UI.
AngularViewOptionsExtension of view options that allows for Angular components to be mapped to node, group and port types.
ViewGroupAngularOptionsExtension of group definition in a view that adds component.
ViewNodeAngularOptionsExtension of node definition in a view that adds component.
ViewPortAngularOptionsExtension of port definition in a view that adds component.


AngularComponentOverlayTypeDefines the type for an overlay that is represented by an angular component. Use this value in your views instead of "Arrow", "Label" etc.
DEFAULT_SHAPE_LIBRARY_IDThe default ID of a shape library stored/retrieved on the surface. If your app only uses one shape library you wont need to provide a shapeLibraryId to your shape palette or shape components.