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render() function#

This method is not intended to be used by a library user - you should use the render method on the Toolkit instance instead.

Configures the given element as a Surface, registering it so that it reflects any changes to the underlying data. If there is any data in the Toolkit at the time of this call it is rendered; any data subsequently loaded is automatically rendered. You can supply layout arguments to this method (layout type + layout specific parameters), as well as jsPlumb rules for endpoints, paint styles etc.


export declare function render(toolkit: BrowserUIBase, container: Element, renderer: TemplateRenderer<any>, options?: SurfaceRenderOptions): Surface;


toolkitBrowserUIBaseThe JsPlumbToolkit to render
containerElementThe Element to render into
rendererTemplateRenderer<any>Template renderer to use - abstracts out the Toolkit's own templates vs Angular/React/Vue etc
optionsSurfaceRenderOptionsRender options