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API Reference#


@jsplumb/browser-uiThis package is a renderer for the jsPlumb Community edition that uses a single SVG element per connection, and can connect HTML/SVG elements in the DOM. For users of version of jsPlumb prior to 5.x, this package is the equivalent to what used to just be known as "jsPlumb".In actual fact only this renderer exists for the 5.x Community edition, but the code in 5.x is now architected in such a way that alternative renderers could be implemented.
@jsplumb/browser-ui-listsThis package is a list manager that works with the browser-ui renderer.
@jsplumb/commonThis package contains common declarations and definitions for use by both jsPlumb Community and Toolkit editions.
@jsplumb/connector-bezierThis package contains the Bezier and StateMachine connectors. Prior to version 5.x these connectors were shipped along with the core.
@jsplumb/connector-flowchartThis package contains the Flowchart connector. Prior to version 5.x this connector was shipped along with the core.
@jsplumb/coreThis package is the core of the jsPlumb Community Edition.
@jsplumb/testThis package contains the test helper that is used internally by jsPlumb. There is a vague notion that this package could be made useful for others, so all feedback on that topic is welcome.
@jsplumb/utilThis package contains various utility functions used by both the Community and Toolkit editions of jsPlumb.